Beautiful Cities in Greece That Deserve More Love

Don't overlook these hidden gems!

Follow the most popular wine routes in the world

Wine routes allow connoisseurs and enthusiasts of this most civilized of drinks to visit wineries and vineyards in some of the most prestigious wine regions in the world. So, where would you like to uncork your favorite red or white? Browse the gallery, raise your glass, and start following these fabulous wine routes.

What you should and shouldn't eat or drink on a flight

When reaching higher altitudes during a flight, even though cabin air pressure is controlled, the air becomes thinner due to decreased atmospheric pressure. This change affects oxygen levels in the blood, which then slows down digestive enzyme activity, causing digestion issues like bloating and nausea. For this reason, you'll want to avoid consuming certain foods and drinks before and during your flight. What's more, some things simply aren't pleasant to consume near other passengers in such a tight space. So, if you're hitting the skies, you should probably avoid these foods and drinks. Click on to discover the culprits!

15 Countries Worth Visiting for an Epic Drive

Whether it's the awesome roads, incredible terrain, or lax driving laws, plan your next road trip with this guide to our international favorite driving spots.

Beach safety tips everyone should know

Summertime is upon us, and with that comes all our long-awaited days at the beach. But there's a sinister side to the sun, sand, and surf, and that's unnecessary injury and death. According to the CDC, drowning is a leading cause of death for children in the US, and every year in the US there are an estimated 3,960 fatal unintentional drownings (an average of 11 drowning deaths per day), and 8,080 nonfatal drownings (an average of 22 per day). And that's not the only threat the beautiful blue sky and hot stretch of sand pose! As with any outing into nature, there are things you should know in advance, and that's especially true of beach safety tips. So click through to see everything you need to know in order to be prepared for a genuinely restorative and rejuvenating time at the beach.

The 15 Best Mother-Daughter Trips to Take Together

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Scotland's quaintest small towns and villages

Scotland is celebrated around the world for its stark beauty and dramatic scenery. Embellishing the mountains, lochs, and coastline are numerous small towns and villages, charming places unique in character and exuding a personality all their own. Many serve as historic destinations, established centuries ago and standing as testament to the country's long history. Others are found on remote islands, little visited but always worth exploring. If Scotland is on your travel wish list, make sure to include the following small towns and villages in your itinerary. Click through for ideas of where to go and what to see.

An expert’s guide to hiking safety

More Britons are donning walking boots and taking to the trail than ever before – and little wonder considering the many health benefits walking offers for both body and mind. When coupled with the sights and sounds of nature, hiking decreases stress and boosts both mental and physical health. And, once you’ve invested in a pair of decent walking b...

Popular tourist destinations with weird laws (that you should be careful about)

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? This holds true to this day, as when we travel we should be aware of local customs and laws so that we don't end up in an unpleasant situation, or worse: fined or arrested. Indeed, most countries have bizarre laws, even if some are not strictly enforced. As visitors, we should be aware of them, as they can make a difference in the quality of our vacation. If you were planning a steamy vacation with your unwed partner in Bali, you might want to do it sooner rather than later. Indonesia’s parliament passed a controversial and long-awaited revision of its penal code on December 6 which criminalizes extramarital sex for both citizens and tourists. After ratification, the new criminal code must be signed by the president, and it will be applied in up to three years, reports NBC. The amended criminal code makes sex outside marriage punishable by a year in jail, as well as cohabitation of unmarried couples punishable by six months. It also says the promotion of contraception and religious blasphemy are illegal. Curious for more? Click through this gallery and discover the weird laws of popular tourist destinations.

The Best Solo Travel Destinations in the United States for an Unforgettable Adventure

Whether you're looking for nonstop activity or total relaxation. While traveling with friends and family can be a lot of fun, going somewhere alone has its perks. You get to choose everything — the destination, the hotel, the itinerary, the restaurants, how much money you spend and beyond. Only one opinion matters...yours. It's also a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone, meet new people (if you so choose), unplug, rejuvenate and bask in moments of reflection — or even just escape reality for a few days. Whether you're planning your first adventure on your own or are a solo travel veteran, choosing a destination can be overwhelming, especially if you still have a lot of places to check off your bucket list. The good news is, you don't have to go far for the adventure or relaxation you crave, because there are plenty of options across the U.S. Weighing variables such as walkability, safety, self care opportunities, number of historic sites and museums and access to nature, we've come up with a list of the best places in the U.S. for solo travelers — ranging from mountain and beach destinations to small towns and large cities. Time to book your ticket for one, plan your itinerary (or don't, remember, it's your trip!) and answer to no one except yourself for a few days.

Tips for raising bilingual and multilingual kids

In an increasingly globalized world, the benefits of fluency in more than one language are huge. Bilingualism can open up work and travel opportunities, and learning more than one language in childhood and infancy may make it easier to pick up others later on. With an ever-growing number of families speaking one or more languages at home, the challenges and opportunities that come with rearing bilingual or multilingual kids are greater than ever. Click through the following gallery to discover top tips for raising bilingual and multilingual kids.

Secrets behind famous monuments

Many historical monuments and landmarks around the world still hide many mysteries, but we are lucky enough to have discovered amazing facts about many of them. Click through and get to know surprising facts about some of the world's most iconic landmarks.

34 Rare Vintage Photos of The Plaza Hotel

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11 Etiquette Mistakes You Might Be Making On A Cruise, According To Experts

Whether you're cruising for the first time or fiftieth, these mistakes could single you out as rude.

The incredible health benefits of going to the beach

Beaches are some of the greatest and most enjoyable natural wonders our world has to offer. However, a day by the shore is more than just a good time; there are also surprising health benefits involved with going to the beach. So, what are the secret ingredients? Three words: water, sun, and air, which are all natural elements that offer some form of health benefit(s). That said, what exactly are the health benefits of hitting the beach? Click on to find out!

How to prepare your bank account for holidays

Going on vacation doesn’t have to put you in debt! If you plan ahead, you won’t immediately undo all the relaxation of your trip as soon as you touch back down. It’s also really important to invest in your holidays, because you’re simultaneously investing in your own health and happiness. And it's easier than it seems! Click through for 25 simple ways to meet your dream vacation goals.

10 of the Most Unique Museums In the United States

Add these one-of-a-kind destinations to your travel bucket list.

30 capital cities with the best air in the world (America’s represented)

Everyone knows bad air quality when they breathe it in, but how does it measure and compare across different capital cities? To get this information, the amount of particulate matter is measured to arrive at a number the residents are breathing in over a period of time. In 2023, IQAir released their World Air Quality Report, looking at the concentration of PM2.5 (fine particulate matter) in capital cities around the world. The report applied population-based adjustments to standardize its results and calculated an annual average of the data. If a city exceeded the World Health Organization (WHO) safety guideline of five micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m³) for annual average PM2.5 levels, it meant potential health risks for its residents. So, how did your capital city do? Click on to check out the top 30.

These Dog-Friendly Hotels Will Pamper Your Pup in Luxury

Save this for your next road trip.

American Airlines plane hit by garbage truck while waiting to take off

An American Airlines plane has been struck by a garbage truck while waiting to take off in North Carolina .

This might be the first nation officially erased by climate change

One of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world is also one of the least visited, but most of us may never get to visit before the nation disappears. Tuvalu is an island country in the west-central Pacific Ocean, sitting about halfway between Australia and Hawaii. It’s a coral atoll nation, which means it sits on a ring-shaped coral reef encircling a lagoon, with islands along the rim. The country is a stunning oasis, but faces the threat of disappearing completely from the face of the Earth. Click through to find out about the people, the culture, the devastation it faces, and more about this unique community.

The amazing attractions of Arizona

The sunbaked southwestern state of Arizona is home to some of the most jaw-dropping sights in the United States. Home of the Grand Canyon, Arizona is filled with national parks whose curious rock formations have an otherworldly beauty. Mirror-smooth lakes reflect pine forests and rugged cliffs in rainbow colors, and 'ghost towns' reveal a glimpse of the Wild West. The cities and small towns offer intriguing architecture, excellent museums, and a stellar dining scene, while the surrounding countryside provides almost limitless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Ready for a virtual tour? Click through to discover the amazing attractions of Arizona.

9 Underrated Areas to Get a Vacation Home

These under-the-radar destinations are the perfect place to kick back and relax.

13 Beautiful City Skyline Photos Snapped Around the World

Dazzling views from the top await.

Want to Keep Deer From Eating Your Garden? Here's What to Plant

If Bambi likes to visit your garden, this list is for you.

Things the Freemasons don't want you to know

As one of the world's oldest secret societies, the Freemasons have for several hundred years lurked behind the scenes, involved in everything from planning historic events to murder. Having built an impressive membership, which included many prominent politicians, the Masons have also been surrounded by many conspiracy theories. And while there are many bizarre speculations (such as lizard people being behind the society) there are still many fascinating, sometimes strange stories about Freemasons and their complicated legacy that remain unknown to most of the public. From being banned by the Catholic Church to changing the face of American politics forever, click through the following gallery to discover not-so-secret facts about Freemasons.

Footsteps of adventure: Epic hiking destinations

Did you know that Chile has a huge hiking route through its Patagonian wilderness? This is just one of the destinations that has got outdoor enthusiasts reaching for their boots and walking poles. Indeed, there are many places in the world where adventure tourists explore exciting destinations on foot. Browse the gallery and take a walk on the wild side.

These Small Towns in California Are Bursting With Beauty and Charm

Nope, this isn't Italy.

Yes, You Can Book a Stay at These Celeb-Approved Hotels

You might get starstruck at these luxury properties.

25 Beautiful Cities Around the World to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

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The 8 Oldest Restaurants in New York City

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Are These Bucket List Trips Actually Worth The Hype?

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7 of the Most Ridiculously Long Interstates in the U.S.

Historic, iconic, impossibly long.

What you need to know about Pride Cymru 2024

Thousands of people are expected to visit Cardiff this weekend for the annual Pride Cymru festival.

Glamping: Top tips for a comfortable and fun experience

If you've never heard of glamping, then you're in for a treat. Glamour camping is the perfect solution for those who love to be outdoors but miss the comfort of home, as it combines nature and luxury. Whether you're looking to rent out a glamping property, or you want to learn about DIY glamping, these tips will help to get you started. Click through this gallery to see the best tips for a successful outdoor trip.

China displayed its flag on the dark side of the moon for the first time

Check out the world's most scenic skydiving locations

Are you looking for a thrill? Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can have, and it is more accessible than you may think! Adrenaline junkies around the world are taking flight and catching the ride of their lives in the most unique locations. From soaring over the Swiss Alps to flying Down Under, here are the world's most scenic skydiving locations.

13 Amusement Parks in the U.S. That Are Completely Free to Enter

A few even charge you nothing for parking and entertainment. Amusement parks are synonymous with so many wonderful things: fun in the sun, rollercoasters and carousels, games galore and delicious food. And all in a colorful, jubilant, family-friendly setting. The only issue? Joy like that does not typically come cheap. Or can it? Well, at these 13 amusement parks across the U.S., from the Golden to the Garden States, you can save on one very important front: entry. While the vast majority of amusement parks — including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens — require tickets just to walk through the gates, these resorts and parks do not. Of course, if you want to ride the rides or snack on the snacks, you'll still have to open your wallet. (A good thing can only go so far!) But if you're someone who's more about the vibes than the rides, this is the list for you. Make sure you scroll to the bottom: There's one very famous park that's about to go "open gate" with its water parks for guests staying on property. (Hint: It's home to a special mouse!)

Must-visit US destinations that may soon disappear

The Earth undergoes continuous change, both positive and negative. Even some of the most extraordinary and breathtaking destinations in America are not exempt from these changes and are experiencing imminent transformations. These changes range from increasing temperatures to the loss of habitats and the pressures of extensive tourism. Check out these incredible destinations in the US you need to visit before they’re gone forever! Click through the gallery to get started.

The most captivating British towns you have to visit

When you think of the UK, perhaps the words "wonderful holiday" do not spring to mind. However, the countryside and history of the UK are vastly underrated. There are countless numbers of charming towns that will transport you back to times gone by. There is such a wealth of activities to do, from trekking up tall mountain peaks to rowing in gently ebbing rivers. On your exploration of the United Kingdom, it is important to find the right towns to stay in to make your trip as perfect as can be. Here are the towns that you won't be able to resist being charmed by. From Portmerion to Cullen Bay, click through to discover more.

The 30 most breathtaking skylines in America

The US is a wide and diverse land of intense and unique bursts of development, with higher buildings and more interesting structures popping up each year. These skylines emerge like a fingerprint of each city, revealing their characteristics through architecture, atmosphere, and culture. Check out this gallery to see the top 30 skylines in the country.

The 28 Best Westerns of All Time

Saddle up for a trip to Hollywood's version of the Wild West.

Barcelona aims to become Airbnb-free zone by 2029

Barcelona, one of Europe's most visited cities, said Friday it aims to ban apartment rentals to tourists by 2029 to ease the housing shortage in Spain's second largest city. This means that "from 2029", if there are no setbacks, "tourist flats as we conceive of them today will disappear from the city of Barcelona".

Top tourist destination Barcelona plans to shut all holiday apartments by 2028

By Joan Faus BARCELONA (Reuters) - Barcelona, a top Spanish holiday destination, announced on Friday that it will bar apartment rentals to tourists by 2028, an unexpectedly drastic move as it seeks to rein in soaring housing costs and make the city liveable for residents. The city's leftist mayor, Jaume Collboni, said that by November 2028, Barcelona will scrap the licences of the 10,101

Spain and its timeless appeal to tourists

Spain, one of Europe's great nations, has faced and overcome significant challenges throughout its history. Proud and resilient, its people have navigated civil conflicts and financial instability, drawing strength from their unique culture and identity. Despite current struggles, Spain's ingenuity, creativity, and stubborn determination have always prevailed. Intrigued? Click through the following gallery to discover what makes Spain an incredible country.

Geography mistakes that most of us make

Hands up those who think they know their geography! Well, even those who like to think they know the difference between the Geographic South Pole and the Magnetic South Pole can get things wrong. And you'd be surprised at the mistakes being made at even the most basic levels of this fascinating subject. So, what are some the most common errors made when talking about geography? Click through and resit geography class!

Truly Fascinating Places You Won't Believe Are in the United States

From lunar-like landscapes to European-style castles.

Southwest Boeing 737 plunges within 500 feet of Oklahoma neighborhood

Southwest Airlines Flight 4069 was nine miles away from the runway at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport when it plummeted to between 400 and 500 feet as it flew over a high school.

The Best Beach in Every State

Uncover the best beach in every state. From white sandy shorelines to rocky and rugged lagoons, find the best destination in your state to beat the heat this summer.

Style or Function? Experts Pick the Best Luggage Brands for 2024

We travel a lot, so we wondered recently if we were getting all we could out of our usual road-trip luggage. To find out, we turned to the style and product experts at Esquire and Good Housekeeping for advice on the best luggage brands.