Grounded! What to do in an airport if your flight is delayed by one, three, six or 12 hours

This was supposed to be a glorious summer. With Covid largely diminished, it was going to be the first year since 2019 where we would all get to pack our suitcases and jet off to warmer climes. Clearly, that hasn’t happened. There are several factors at play here. The cost of living crisis in the UK has put foreign travel out of the reach of many; the rail strikes have made getting to the airport more difficult; a new wave of Covid has stopped...

Here's what to do if your flight is canceled, as overwhelming demand and labor shortages rattle airlines and disrupt summer travel

Airline passengers have rights when flights are canceled and it can mean the difference between getting stranded and getting home.

Flying has become a nightmare as cancelations and delays skyrocket. Experts say it could get even worse.

Due to weather and staffing shortages, airlines have canceled flights four times more often on key weekends and travel experts say it could get worse

Share a tip on a favourite campsite in France – you could win a holiday voucher

With the cost of living crisis putting a bit of a dampener on family holiday plans for this summer, bookings for campsites are soaring. A cheaper alternative to hotels and villas, there are thousands of sites to choose from in France, always a popular camping contender for Brits because of its proximity to the UK. Whether you are heading to an inland site with a lake, hills and countryside to explore, one with a sea breeze and a view of the...

These couples sold their homes to live in luxury RVs and travel around the US all year long

After retiring and selling their homes, these couples now live in luxury RVs that come equipped with multiple TVs, a king-sized bed and dishwasher

Are abortions legal in Canada? Yes, but access can be challenging depending on where you live: 'It's not all perfect here'

Abortion is legal in Canada, but access to care remains an issue for Canadians who live in a small town or rural part of the country.

Returning from holiday with a bad case of airport misery

I was in a really bad place last weekend. Not mentally – I was in an airport Starbucks slumped against a wall. It wasn’t until we’d sat in the departure hall for many hours, our two small children seeing in midnight as the rooms slowly filled with hundreds of humans and their thousands of iPads before I realised, with a thrill, that I was inside a news story. It’s a very particular kind of sweet-and-sour excitement, isn’t it, when you look up...

Senior with impaired mobility died after falling down escalators after making his own way into the terminal at a London airport

An 82-year-old easyJet passenger was without a helper when he died after falling down an escalator at Gatwick Airport, near London.

Buttigieg considers punishing airlines for flight disruptions as passengers are getting stranded in airports for over 24 hours

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said his department is trying "to make sure that the airlines are delivering" as thousands of flights are delayed or canceled.

Inside the lair of the She-Wolf of France: why you should visit Castle Rising

Castle Rising castle. Once you say it, there’s no obvious place to stop: “Castle-Rising-castle-rising … castle … rising … castle.” This chant would come, without fail, from the back of the car as we headed past fields of lavender, between high hedgerows, down narrow lanes leading to nowhere except, yes, Castle Rising: the tiny village with almshouses, ancient cottages and abundant gardens; the handsome church, its ornate west front heavily...

6 Reasons To Use a Travel Agent When Planning Your Next Family Vacation

This is one title Mama does not need to add to her resume.

Airbnb is giving away $100,000 to 100 different people so they can build the eccentric home they've been dreaming of

Airbnb listed properties – including those designed like a UFO and a potato — as examples of unusual listings already available on the platform.

UK gave airlines 4.4m free pollution permits in 2021, study finds

The UK government gave airlines nearly a quarter of a billion pounds in free pollution permits in a single year, enough for the entire industry to dodge a carbon emissions cap and trade scheme entirely, according to new research. In 2021, the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS), which charges polluters per tonne of carbon emitted, handed airlines 4.4m free allowances, but the industry only surrendered 3.4m back. In effect, UK taxpayers covered...

‘It’s not the waiting, it’s the humiliation’: disabled passengers on their travel torments

Passengers with a disability or reduced mobility are legally entitled to special assistance when travelling by air, with airports and airlines required to provide help and assistance free of charge. Recent experiences of disabled passengers, however, suggests this support is not always available and cannot be relied on. ‘Traumatised and humiliated’ Suzanne Croft, a wheelchair user with muscular dystrophy, has said she was left “traumatised and...

Behind the magic: Tour Walt Disney World's Holiday Services warehouse

The holiday season may only last a few months, but it takes all year to prepare at Walt Disney World. USA TODAY got a peek behind the scenes.

Fasten your seatbelt: we are flying into months of UK travel chaos. But who will protect passengers?

Flying certainly isn’t as glamorous as it once was, but that doesn’t mean it has been as painful as it is right now. Airlines charge customers for small comforts – such as sitting next to the person you booked the flight with – and that’s if your flight even gets off the ground. Many customers have been left grounded after cancelled flights, praying they’ll get the compensation they’re legally entitled to. It’s not a situation that any sector,...

Spirit Airlines was the most complained-about US carrier in April, followed by American Airlines, amid flight cancellations and delays

More than 5,000 passenger complaints were lodged against US airlines in April, according to the Department of Transportation.

Plan a Museum-Packed Lone Star Weekend in Lubbock, Texas

Rock ‘n roll singer Buddy Holly's hometown is a West Texas treasure.

The Tower of London is hiring for a $40,000 Beefeater to help defend the Crown Jewels – but you'll need 22 years of military experience to apply

The Tower, which houses the Crown Jewels, has 32 Beefeaters who act as tour guides. But you need an esteemed military past to get hired.

The 42 best gifts for travelers, from an affordable US national parks pass to ingenious packing cubes

These gifts for travelers are thoughtful and useful, whether they're for domestic road trips or far-flung international getaways.

Every aspect of travelling is chaos right now – is this the new normal?

It was midnight on Tuesday when I got a text from the bus company saying my overnight bus service “will be delayed approximately 1.5-2.5 hours, due to an operational issue. Please continue to wait at the pick up location.” The pick-up location was a dark and empty car park attached to a closed service station smack bang in central Queensland. It was cold. It was the middle of the night. Waiting there felt unsafe. So I made the decision to cut my...

Ocala Is the Gorgeous, Adventure-Filled Florida Town You've Never Heard Of

Crystal-clear natural springs, the rolling hills of horse country, and a charming historic downtown help this central Florida city shine.

I'm a Florida local who regularly travels to Key West. These are my 10 favorite places to stay, from beach resorts to boutique villas.

Whether you're looking for a luxurious resort or a boutique bungalow with colonial-era decor, there's something for everyone in Key West.

Welcome to the fun house! Sharks, skaters and smelters liven up Documenta 15

On the parched grass outside the Fridericianum Museum in Kassel, one of the oldest public museums in the world, sits a wan little black tent. Painted on one side is a statement: “The emergency has replaced the contemporary.” I’m not even certain that this tent is officially part of Documenta 15, or a response to it, but it is as succinct as any other definition of the current edition of the exhibition. Held every five years in the city,...

Notes from a tranquil island: slow walking in the Orkneys

The wind is fierce, making it weather to move fast in, but Louise Hollinrake and I are moving as slowly as we can along the deserted Bay of Furrowend on the island of Shapinsay. I say deserted, but now that we’re doing virtually nothing, save concentrating on our slow walking (a Buddhist meditative tool, says Louise), it’s clear how busy the place actually is. I’m aware of a cacophony of sound from a flock of long-tailed ducks, the crash of the...

Disabled passengers bearing brunt of travel disruption, say charities

Disabled people are experiencing stress and degradation because of “truly appalling” service failures caused by the ongoing travel disruption, charities have said. The train strikes and airline cancellations have been difficult for everyone, but campaigners say that because the transport industry treats disabled people as the lowest priority, they are bearing the brunt of the turmoil. “Far too many disabled people have endured stressful and...

A local’s guide to Hamburg: concerts, cocktails and dockyard cuisine

Food If you’re into trying traditional food and are feeling very brave, you’ll want to try labskaus. Originally created to set sailors up with all the nutrition they needed, the dish does not look particularly appealing. Once you’ve got over its appearance (or simply closed your eyes), this mixture of corned beef, onions, potatoes, beetroot and eggs is actually very enjoyable. My go-to place for labskaus served with fried eggs and rollmop...

10 of Europe’s best destinations for LGBTQ+ travellers this Pride season

It’s 2003 and my boyfriend and I are hovering nervously at a hotel reception in Woodbridge, Suffolk. We can sense the frosty contempt of the fiftysomething male at the desk when we ask for a double, not a twin room. After we check in, we’re both tetchy: I’m annoyed at how we’ve been treated, while my partner believes we should just “accept” it, that “it’s just the way it is.” Back then, there was little you could do about such blatant prejudice...

7 Things to Do in Kiawah Island, South Carolina

It’s high time you added this Lowcountry destination to your beach bucket list.

Heathrow airport expects to handle more than 54 million passengers this year despite ongoing travel chaos

Britain's busiest airport raised its 2022 passenger forecast by 1.6 million, despite airlines being unable to say when flight cancelations will end.

I've been visiting and reviewing restaurants in Key West for 20 years — here are 11 of the best places where you should actually eat

From mouth-watering seafood and decadent desserts to traditional Cuban fare, these are the Key West restaurants you can't miss.

Taming the wild: is the rise in ‘eco-accommodation’ a threat to Australia’s national parks?

Mick Ripon has fished from the rugged coastline of NSW’s Ben Boyd national park for the past 45 years. Off the remote rocks of Green Cape, Ripon reeled in his biggest catch, a 68kg (150lb) yellowfin tuna, and even proposed to his wife. Now he’s racing to stop the construction of multiple huts at Mowarry Point and Hegartys Bay that he says will rob the park of its wilderness appeal. A proposal to construct hut accommodation along the Light to...

Open your eyes to Britain’s hidden history. Here’s our pick of places to explore

Hidden histories. In 2022, this phrase may bring to mind heated arguments at the National Trust, disputes over controversial statues, and the righteous efforts of campaigners and academics to write various groups of people back into the shared story of these islands. But perhaps it has a double meaning. I’ve always thought of Britain as in some way hidden: a nooks and crannies kind of place, its best and most stirring bits often tricky to find,...

United just slashed 12% of summer flights at one of its hubs to improve on-time performance during the chaotic travel season

The cuts were not made because United doesn't have enough pilots, but rather to improve on-time performance for everyone flying through Newark.

The old-fashioned way: Exploring the Norfolk Broads by wherry boat

The wherry boats of Norfolk had their day and almost passed into history; now they’re bringing old-fashioned pleasure cruising back to the Broads...

Why Gary Lineker was right to speak out about receiving racist abuse

Most people who look at Match of the Day host Gary Lineker would have no difficulty recognising that the man is white – and so it’s little surprise that he was mocked after revealing in a podcast interview that he suffered “racist abuse” due to his “darkish skin” throughout childhood and at moments in his professional footballing career. While he immediately qualified his comments with the assertion that he was “as English as they come” (by...

Ofgem must live up to vows to protect money of energy consumers

The energy regulator Ofgem would like you to believe its new measures to ringfence customers’ deposits are “tough”. They certainly ought to be. About £400m of customer money evaporated with the failure of 28 energy suppliers since last September – the coffers only refilled via a charge on all households. Unfortunately, the regulatory boast of toughness looks premature. A properly robust plan to prevent deposits being used like “an interest-free...

I've lived in Florida for 25 years and Key West is my happy place. Here's my ultimate guide for a dreamy stay on the tropical island.

Insider's travel guide to Key West covers everything to create the ideal vacation itinerary, such as where to stay, what to eat, activities, and more.

I spent 5 days in Portland, Oregon, for less than $600. Here's what I did and how I spent my money.

During a van trip down the Oregon Coast, I hiked Mount Hood, dined at Portland restaurants, and got a spa treatment — all while sticking to a budget.

Why Southern Lake Lovers Will Always Choose the Lake Over the Beach

Trip to the lake, anyone?

‘Solitude and awful wildness’: why you should visit Castlerigg stone circle

It was by accident, more or less, that we visited Castlerigg stone circle on 21 December 2016 – the day of the winter solstice. My partner and I were holed up in the Lake District for a few days after an exhausting year, beset by work stress and political upheavals. The weather was mostly foul and our hotel, the wonderful old Kirkstile Inn near Loweswater, was warm and well stocked with board games and beer. On the penultimate day, we decided...

The best road trip apps to help plan and save on your vacation

Whether you're looking to save on gas bills or find the best roadside attractions, this list of road trip apps has got you covered.

A US tourist in Malta has been refused a life-saving abortion, and is struggling to get permission to fly

Maltese doctors told Andrea Prudente that, due to the country's strict abortion ban, they won't intervene until her condition escalates even further.

I live in Notting Hill, London. Here are 5 things I wish tourists knew before visiting.

Notting Hill, a neighborhood in west London, is a popular tourist destination because it's a filming location in classic movies like "Love Actually."

Tripping the light fantastic: a year-round calendar of Australia’s light-based festivals

When Vivid launched in 2009, the concept of an Australian festival exclusively focused on large-scale light installations was a novel one. A decade and a half later, they’re everywhere. This year’s Vivid festival attracted well over a million visitors and there is now a year-round calendar of similar festivals, exhibitions and installations in every state. Illuminate festival in Adelaide launched last year, but its co-artistic director, Lee...

8 Things to Do in the Charming Town of Anderson, South Carolina

This Piedmont town brings big energy with a bustling historic downtown, great dining, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

A massive unfinished cruise ship is likely to be sold for scrap because no one wants to buy it

Global Dream II has been left incomplete after Genting Hong Kong, which owns its shipbuilder, declared bankruptcy.

The best ways to get to and around Key West from a Florida local, including the closest airports, scooter and car rentals, and more

Once you're in Key West, the tiny island can be easily navigated with a car, bike, or e-scooter rental, plus the hop-on, hop-off trolley.

Hidden Spain: where to stay and what to do off the beaten track

A lot of us have been rather surprised to discover how much we like being in nature and all that outdoorsy stuff over the past couple of years. Of course, we all still love our city breaks – nothing like an exhilarating weekend in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia to pep us up – but Spain is also really good for getting away from it all, whether in the mountains, an unspoiled stretch of coast or in a village you just happen to come across on a road...

I grew up in Las Vegas. Here are 6 things I wish tourists knew before they visited.

I was raised in Sin City and I've seen tourists make common mistakes or not take advantage of free activities or great deals. Here are my top tips.